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Introducing Gap-4: for when you need to keep water and humidity out of your next glass project!

Gap-4 Silane Solution

Gap-4 Silane Solution

Increasing the life of bonded glass objects that are exposed to humidity and wet conditions. Introducing Gap-4 – a glass pre-treatment for bonded glass in high humidity or where water contact occurs.

If your glass project is going to be exposed to high humidity or frequent contact with water, it is recommended that you pretreat the glass with a silane coupling agent prior to applying the adhesive.

Application areas where this pre-treatment can be of benefit includes: bevel bonding to window glass, mosaics, interior shower and pool areas and store front signage.

The Gap-4 acts as a primer/cleaner for glass as the silane is incorporated into the IPA carrier.

How to use – spray the glass surface – rub dry with a clean towel until the glass is completely dry and there is no streakiness or visible residue. Wait an additional 5 minutes before applying adhesive.

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  Q:  Why should I use Gap-4?

  A:  Glass is hydrophilic (water loving) and a silane coupling agent changes the surface of the glass and makes it hydrophobic (water hating).

  Q:  Is this a new product?
  A:  Silane coupling agents have been available for many years and are recognized as an industry standard to enhance performance of sealants and adhesives on glass. Gap-4 is a pump spray applicator well-suited for artisans and businesses that work with bonded glass.

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July 24, 2013 · 10:00 am