Introduction of a high clarity, long-life epoxy system formulated especially for artisans

Epoxies can be found in every workplace – when nothing else seems to fit the bill, epoxies come to the rescue. However, as useful as they are, there are Timelimitations to their use. The quick setting (5-minute variety) don’t age well and typically discolor in time. Not to mention how much of the mixed product ends up being thrown away as often times one simply cannot get everything accomplished in 5 minutes or less.

At the other end of the spectrum are the water white mixed systems than can require as long as 1-2 weeks to fully develop their strength – not incredibly efficient from a timing perspective.

Announcing!We’ve got the solution!

CLK Associates is excited to announce a way to end these epoxy dilemmas!

Introducing AP 03713:  an ultra-clear, ultra-strong epoxy adhesive that eliminates the discoloration problems associated with the quick-set /5-minute products and has sufficient open time so all of the mixed/prepared product can be used, rather than thrown away.

The AP 03713 epoxy product is ideally suited for joining a wide variety of materials. Here are a few examples of its potential use:

For custom jewelry design and build projects, any excess adhesive or visible bond line is crystal clear, making the product perfect for setting stones in findings, attaching bails to Dichroic glass and mounting chatons/pointed back crystals.

It’s ideal for attaching flat back crystals to cell phone cases, motorcycles or slot machines and it can be used on custom furniture construction glass, stone or metal inlays and mosaics. It’s also great for pottery, ceramics or pewter projects.

The AP 03713 epoxy material is offered in 9-gram premeasured pouches or in 45- or 90- gram kits and can be ordered by visiting our online store.

Full cure of the AP 03713 epoxy takes 24-hours at room temperature, or it can be accelerated with applying mild heat of 95° F for about 90 minutes.

Click here to purchase AP 03713 on our website!

So just how confident are we?

We at CLK Associates are so confident that this product is better than the majority of epoxies out there that we’re offering you a money back guarantee. If this adhesive doesn’t outperform any two-part mixing system you currently use, we’ll give you your money back.

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